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March 24, 2024

Charming Rural Hotel for Sale Near Santarém

🏨 11 Bedrooms | 13 Bathrooms

🔗 Listed on: Imovirtual

📐 1.223 m² | 1.597 €/m²
💸 1.950.000 €

✨ Highlights

  • Built in 2015
  • Includes onsite swimming pool, small lake, wine cellar, chicken coop, one hectare of fruit and nut trees
  • 105 km from Lisbon airport
  • Good public reviews

⭐ Public reviews
👍 Positive feedback from guests
  1. Exceptional Hospitality: Guests consistently praised the owners, Mr. Abrantes and Dona Julia, for their warmth, friendliness, and willingness to go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome.
  2. Beautiful Surroundings: The property is located in a serene and picturesque countryside setting, offering guests a peaceful and tranquil environment to relax and unwind.
  3. Clean and Comfortable Accommodations: Guests appreciated the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms, as well as the attention to detail in the furnishings and decor.
  4. Delicious Breakfast: The breakfast served at Casa De Besteiros received high praise from guests, with many describing it as exceptional and highlighting the quality and variety of the food.
  5. Family-Friendly Amenities: Families with children appreciated the various amenities provided, including the kids' pool, indoor play area, and outdoor play equipment.

👎 Negative feedback from guests
  1. Limited Dining Options: Some guests noted that there were no nearby restaurants or dining options within walking distance, which could be inconvenient for those without a car.
  2. Language Barrier: A few guests mentioned challenges with communication, as not all staff members spoke English fluently. This could potentially cause difficulties for international guests who do not speak Portuguese.

📊 Performance

The hotel didn't provide the performance data (ADR, Occupancy Rate, etc.)

✍️ Description from the real estate agent

Rural Tourism House with immense charm, fully operational. With capacity for guests in 5 spacious suites and 6 units consisting of a suite and a mezzanine bedroom. Located 20 minutes from Santarém, with excellent access to IC10, A13, A1, and A15. Only 1 hour from Lisbon.

The construction of this hotel unit was built with materials and characteristics from over a century ago, hence being referred to as the "Palace" of Charneca Ribatejana. The entire property was built with the environment, thermal efficiency, and acoustic insulation in mind, using superior techniques and materials. The roof, with a traditional Portuguese overhang, is made of simple cane, in a cap and spout style. The exterior painting was done with ecological paints, lime whitewash, to which aniline dyes were added.

Inside, noble materials were privileged.

Description of the Rural Tourism House:

In the Reception, the floor is made of lioz stone laid out like a carpet. The walls have "pombalino" tile wainscoting with inviting figures, all hand-painted. The ceiling is made of "casquinha" wood and assembled in the traditional Portuguese style, "skirt and shirt".
Living room, with a huge open fireplace in rustic granite. The floor is made of lioz stone laid out like a carpet. The walls have "pombalino" tile wainscoting, with 2 inviting figures on each side of the fireplace, all hand-painted. The ceiling is made of "casquinha" wood and assembled in a coffer and beam style, also known as a "ship ceiling". In this room, there is a support bar with the same materials as the room and is equipped with stainless steel counters, a coffee machine, and a refrigerator.
Two bathrooms serving the common area, one prepared for people with limited mobility and ladies, the other for men, have walls entirely covered with tiles and mosaic floors made of polished granite.
Games room with a wooden floor, pine plank from Leiria. Ceiling made of "casquinha" wood, in a coffer shape. This room is equipped with a snooker table and game tables for cards, dominoes, chess, etc.
Breakfast room with a wooden floor, pine plank from Leiria. Stucco ceiling with coffer for embedding projectors.
The rooms: 4 of them designated by the type of furniture, are all "suites", with an entrance hall, bathroom, and bedroom. The floors are made of wood, pine plank from Leiria. The bathrooms, complete, have walls lined with tiles, hydraulic plaster ceilings, and mosaic granite floors. The ceilings of the other 2 rooms are made of "casquinha" wood and Leiria pine with fabric.
The communication hall between 2 ground floor rooms and the access staircase is hydraulic mosaic, created, designed, and made exclusively. The communication hall between the reception and the staircase accessing the rooms area is made of wood like the rooms. The communication stairs between floors are made of cherry wood planks.
The main suite is on the 1st floor, with a wooden floor, pine plank from Leiria. The ceilings of the hall and the bedroom are made of "casquinha" wood, with the bedroom ceiling in a four-waters coffer style. The bathroom is equipped with a corner bathtub and a shower base with tempered glass and granite floor, the rest of the floor is polished granite. Associated with this suite is a terrace, facing south, with 10m2, with a granite floor.
The 6 rooms with mezzanine, ideal for families because the mezzanine has 2 extra beds, are external to the main house. They are located in an area with access through the porch. The doors of the 6 rooms with access through the porch have a small window with glass of the same color as the room is designated. They consist of an entrance hall, bathroom, main bedroom, and bedroom with 2 beds on the mezzanine. The floors and ceilings are in pine plank from Leiria. The communication stairs with the mezzanine are made of "casquinha" wood and the railing is wrought iron. The bathrooms have a wooden ceiling, non-slip granite floor in the shower area, protected by tempered glass, under the sink there is a polished stone countertop. The walls are entirely covered with tiles, and in the shower area, it is covered with colored tiles that give the name to the room/suite/mezzanine.
Large room with the possibility of building a Spa with a pool or other hotel activity.
2 storage rooms.
The entire building is air-conditioned by water, hot and/or cold. In all compartments, rooms, halls, and rooms, fan-coil units are distributed for air conditioning.
The area of the private house, the owner's residence, corresponds to a T3, with the same finishes of floors and ceilings as the rest of the area destined for Rural Tourism. One of the rooms has a private bathroom, the other two, with a common antechamber, have a complete bathroom with the possibility of being used by people with limited mobility. There is a separate entrance, from the outside, to this space, the owner's private house. The doors, interior and exterior, are all made of solid "red casquinha" wood, padded.

The exterior floors, around the building, were made of old granite pavement, with some designs in basalt. The circulation floors on the porches and access stairs to the main entrance are made of granite stone.

Pool area includes:

The saltwater pool, with dimensions of 12.0mX6.0m and a depth of 1.10m to a maximum of 1.40m, is a family swimming pool, with a lower water level of 0.90m.
The surrounding area of the pool, fenced with a 1.0m high plastic-coated net, is paved with hydraulic, non-slip, and thermic tiles. With chairs, loungers, and side tables.
Machine room and control panels for pH and disinfection.
Sand filter and pump.
Mobile pool cleaning equipment, pool vacuum cleaner.
Leisure area includes:

Covered gathering space.
Barbecue area, with: washing bench; barbecue and oven.
2 support bathrooms, 1 for people with limited mobility and ladies, and another for men. These bathrooms also serve the pool area.
Support bar.
Lake with picnic area.
Gathering space with table football.
Pétanque court, and a mall court.
Chicken coop and kennels.
1ha of oak trees; walnut and olive trees; almond trees; a wide variety of other fruit trees, all irrigated with drip irrigation. It has an 800 m2 pond, based on the phreatic level.
The total area of the property is 7.5ha.

The hot water house is equipped with:

1 35KW heat pump, which in association with the thermal solar panels allows generating the necessary amount of water.
2 tanks of 1,000l each, for domestic hot water, DWH, and air conditioning.
1 500l cold water tank for cooling, air conditioning.
3 circulator pumps for air conditioning circuits.
1 circulator pump for the DWH return circuit.
1 circulator pump for the thermal solar panel fluid circuit.
The bore

hole house is equipped with:

The Ø200 borehole, with a depth of 132.0m, with a 10CV submersible pump, mounted at 80.0m, has a flow capacity of 40m3/hour, supplies the tank and/or the irrigation network;
1 7.0m3 capacity tank;
Hydropressure group, consisting of 2 2.5CV pumps, which maintain a pressure of 2.0/4.0Kg in the water distribution network.

Property listed exclusively.

I share with all mediators and real estate professionals duly accredited on a 50%/50% basis.

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