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March 24, 2024

Off-grid Retreat Venue for Sale at Quinta do Barranco da Estrada

🏨 14 bedrooms | 15 bathrooms

🔗 Listed on: Idealista

📐 460 m² | 6.413€/m²
💸 2.950.000€
✨ Highlights
  • Off-grid and sustainable (comes with a lot pros and cons)
  • 1h 25 minutes drive from Faro airport
  • Fully operational with good online presence
  • 1h drive from the closest beach
⭐ Public presence
👍 Positive feedback from guests
  1. Exceptional Hospitality: Hosts Frank and Daniela were frequently mentioned for their geniality, knowledge, and excellent service.
  2. Beautiful and Relaxing Location: The property's setting by a lake, amidst beautiful gardens and nature, received high praise.
  3. Activities and Experiences: Guests enjoyed various activities like birdwatching, wildlife photography, and water sports. Several guests mentioned enjoying print-making courses and biking.
  4. Comfortable Accommodations: Many reviews noted the spacious, clean, and comfortable rooms.
  5. Quality of Food: Daniela's cooking was highly appreciated for its deliciousness.
  6. Tranquil and Peaceful Environment: The property was described as a great place for relaxation and disconnecting from the world.
  7. Dog-Friendly: Some guests appreciated the pet-friendly nature of the property.
  8. Excellent Bird Watching Opportunities: Frank's expertise in birding was a highlight for many.
  9. Good Internet Connectivity: Despite the remote location, good internet service was mentioned.

👎 Negative feedback from guests
  1. Accessibility Issues: Some guests found the property difficult to access, with mention of a rough track and the need for a 4x4 in some cases.
  2. Isolation: The property's secluded nature was not suitable for all, with some guests finding it too isolated.
  3. Limited Activities for Children and Adults: A suggestion was made to add more activities for both children and adults.
  4. Room Quality: A few reviews mentioned rooms being small ("rabbit cages") and lacking modern amenities like air conditioning or fans.
  5. Service Issues: There were isolated reports of rude service from the hosts.
  6. Food Variety and Quality: While many praised the food, there were comments about limited choice in meals and issues like bees around the food.
  7. Limited Nightlife and Entertainment: Some guests noted the lack of nightlife or partying opportunities.

📊 Performance
  • 73% occupancy rate in 2022

✍️ Description from the real estate agent

Exceptional Investment Opportunity: High ROI, Exclusive Retreat with Scenic Views

Discover an extraordinary investment in the heart of paradise. This successful and fully furnished 'Local Lodging' business, located on the picturesque shores of Santa Clara Dam, offers an unbeatable combination of high returns, high occupancy rates, and stunning landscapes.

Key Features:

High Occupancy: Achieving an impressive 73% occupancy rate in 2022, this destination property is a testament to its charm and popularity.

Abundant Recognition: Renowned on TripAdvisor with Hall of Fame status, 10 consecutive years of Excellence Certificate, and the coveted Travelers' Choice Award. With over 450 genuine reviews since 2007, including more than 400 'Excellent' ratings, its reputation is unparalleled.

Online Presence: Strong online presence. Highly rated on booking and review sites, and comes with its own highly recognizable websites for the business, serving as powerful marketing tools.

Spacious Accommodations: With 14 well-equipped rooms with en-suite bathrooms, your guests will enjoy comfort and serenity.

Expansive Property: Spread over 5.75 hectares, this residential-commercial property offers ample space for expansion or diversification.

Off-Grid Living: Embrace sustainable living with 90% solar-powered operations and robust backup systems, earning the prestigious Platinum Green-Leader award.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Enjoy Starlink internet and electricity generated from photovoltaic arrays, batteries, a Sunny Boy inverter, and a 21.5 kw three-phase Deutz generator.

Natural Beauty: Indulge in a stunning 70 m² greenhouse, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, ornamental trees, and extensive lawns - all naturally irrigated.

Privacy and Seclusion: With zero light pollution (Bortle 3) and no neighbors within a radius of more than 1 km, this retreat offers unparalleled privacy.

Additional Amenities: Explore the 24 m² office, helipad, fully equipped professional kitchen, outdoor pizza oven, barbecue, wood-fired sauna, and more.

Yoga and Relaxation: Pamper your guests with a shaded 160 m² Yoga Shala, a 50 m² wood-heated Yurt, and a solar-heated Watsu pool.

Waterfront Delights: Enjoy the large pier with several boats for water activities.

Ample Space: Relish the comfort of two living rooms, heat recuperators, multiple storage facilities, a battery shelter, generator shelter, shaded parking, and much more.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to own a thriving retreat property in a truly idyllic setting. Don't miss the chance to invest in this piece of paradise.

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