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April 20, 2024

Historic Rural Hotel for Sale Near Montalegre

🏨 16 Bedrooms | 16 Bathrooms

🔗 Listed on: Imovirtual

📐 1.467 m² | 1.022 €/m²
💸 1.500.000 €
✨ Highlights
  • Built in 18th century, classified as a heritage building
  • 150 km from Porto airport

⭐ Public reviews
👍 Positive feedback from guests
  1. Location: The hotel's location is praised for its proximity to Montalegre and Peneda Gerês Park, making it convenient for exploring the area.
  2. Spacious Rooms: Many guests appreciated the size and cleanliness of the rooms, describing them as well-maintained and comfortable.
  3. Beautiful Landscape: Several guests mentioned the beautiful views and peaceful atmosphere surrounding the hotel, making it an ideal place for relaxation.
  4. Friendly Service: Despite some mixed reviews, many guests found the staff to be friendly and welcoming.

👎 Negative feedback from guests
  1. Limited Amenities: Some guests noted that the hotel lacked certain amenities expected from a traditional hotel, such as room service and a receptionist.
  2. Maintenance Issues: There were complaints about maintenance issues, including neglected bathrooms, old mattresses, and cleanliness concerns.
  3. Language Barrier: A few guests mentioned difficulties communicating with the staff, as they only spoke Portuguese despite claims of multilingual service.
  4. Payment Process: Several guests expressed dissatisfaction with the payment process, citing unprofessionalism and discomfort when dealing with cash payments.

📊 Performance

The hotel didn't provide the performance data (ADR, Occupancy Rate, etc.)

✍️ Description from the real estate agent

Rural Hotel Senhora dos Remédios - A Jewel in the Heart of Montalegre

Located in the picturesque village of Mourilhe, in Montalegre, the Rural Hotel Senhora dos Remédios is a true treasure in the heart of Barroso, surrounded by the majestic Serra do Larouco and the legends of the region. The hotel, the result of the rebuilding of the Solar do Outão from the 18th century, offers a unique experience immersed in historical charm and breathtaking landscapes.

Key Features:

• Total Land Area: 2006 m2;

• Building Footprint Area: 810 m2;

• Gross Construction Area: 1467.5 m2;

• 16 Rooms with Private Bathroom (9 Doubles, 4 Doubles, 3 Triples);

• Fully Equipped Restaurant/Bar and Kitchen;

• Cozy Living Room with Fireplace;

• Laundry, Linen Room, and Changing Rooms;

• Library and Baroque Style Chapel;

• Classification as a Monument of Municipal Interest.

Potential Use: This versatile property, classified as a Monument of Municipal Interest, offers numerous possibilities for use. From continuing its operation as a rural hotel to other residential and economic ventures, this is an investment that promises to perpetuate the stories and myths of the region.

Schedule Your Visit: Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this history. Schedule a visit and discover how the Rural Hotel Senhora dos Remédios can be your next life project.

Come and Discover and Be Enchanted!

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